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Our new server is now well under construction, @

once everything is ported it will drop back to port 80 as I have other sites that need to be transposed as well, in the mean time I'll endever to get the user database installed and the news, forums and chat up and running.

Posted by:NsWorldonWednesday 25 March 2015 - 09:21:26 Comments: 3
Site Crash
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Sorry but the site has crashed, I'm working on restoring it, hopefully it wont take too long.
There is a corruption in the user database and my present server php/mysql is faulting out at 174 users . I'm updating the server and its os (clearos) when its ready everything will be on that,
Also, this will free up the old server to be a permanent host for the netstorm game server.

~ NsWorld , 24/03/2015 18:06 gmt

Posted by:NsWorldonMonday 23 March 2015 - 21:49:22Comments turned off
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Nevict on 19 Jul : 13:07
NetstormHQ has changed his domain. Now it's

Nevict on 18 Jul : 09:42
I see that there are new subs! I'm happy to see that there are still people interested in NetStorm!

Nevict on 11 Jul : 16:37
If anyone could pass me the mirror.list.txt file i would be very happy.

Nevict on 11 Jul : 16:30
Apparently, the nsLaunchC.exe is no langer able to download the mirrir.list.txt file. This is related the the netstormHQ shutdown. Any ideas in how to solve this?

Nevict on 11 Jul : 11:48
I saved the file is a safe folder, i can share it now! :D However, i have trobles with the validation... i can still play LAN, but i can't connect to the other servers...

Nevict on 11 Jul : 10:01
There is still a google link where you can download the 10.78 version!!! I found it this morning! It's still possible to play!

Nevict on 11 Jul : 08:55
Please, answer. I am trying to play netstorm for days, but since netstormHQ got down it's impossible getting the 10.78 version of the game.

Nevict on 11 Jul : 08:50
Is anybody here?

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